Roster Editor for Maximum Football. You will need Microsoft Access 2003 or later to use this utility. WARNING This was something that was new to me so make sure you back up your league file You have been warned.










Maximum Football Player Faces Custom Face for Maximum Football






Unifform Viewer for Maximum Football and helmet viewer By David Winter
Database Viewer for Maximum Football This will let you view the Maximum Football database files for those who don't have Microsoft Access. By Checkers
Red facemask set

Note: If the player Detail is set to high these may not work
Red Facemask set
Bluemask set Blue and Red Facemask sets
Bright Yellow Facemasks Bright Yellow masks

Maximum Football Stadiums

Western Stadium Old Metro Stadium Outdoor Arena Stadium WS2 Stadium

Metro Stadium 2 Double Decker Stadium Bank Stadium

Western Stadium A stadium that I made for Maximum Football I updated it a little to make easier to texture the walls by making tiling them a little.
Metro Stadium my second attempt at a stadium for Maximum Football
Outdoor Arena Stadium Outdoor Arena Stadium for Maximum Football.
WS2 Stadium This is an Updated version of Western Stadium for Maximum Football.
MS2 Stadium An updated version of Metro Stadium with fans and an upperdeck and a smaller arena version.
Double Decker Stadium It's Basically Western Stadium with 2 nose bleed sections a jumbotron and a press box and also fans.

Bank Stadium A Stadium with plenty of space for Fans (3 Levels)

New Grass New Field Grass

Stadium Grass New grass for Maximum Football. It's a little dark but it gives the game a different look. Click on the 2 images to view the larger images.


Sleeves they come in Dark Blue, Red, Grey, Black and White.

Uniform and Stadium Modification Combos


Click Here for Maximum Football Uniforms