Helmet related downloads

3d football helmet template 3
Helmet Template 2 This template is from the classic 2d helmet template but with more of side view. I mostly used it for my RMFL league

3d Revolution helmet template

Revolution Helmet template for Photshop and any other Graphics Editor that supports .psd files

Photoshop Helmet Template sample The first photoshop template I ever made. It's very simple it only has 2 layers the facemask and the helmet itself. It's 320X240 so you can insert your own logos easier and shrink the helmet later. It can be used with Photoshop, Paintshop Pro and any other graphics program that supports the .psd format.





Photoshop helmet Template sample for the newest helmet I made it has alot of layers for different color facemasks and helmet colors and is big in size to make it easier to slap on logos. It's 320X240. It can be used with Paintshop Pro as well and any other program that supports the .psd image format.









Total Pro Football downloads, The company that made this game no longer exists but I decided to keep the downloads for now.





TPF facepack samples there is 53 total faces a whole team





The Greatest Football game ever made PERIOD!!!

BOA File extractor Thanks to Ncrawler AKA Jon Johnson for cracking these suckers. We can now view the .boa files from Fbpro98. UPDATE!!!! This file has been updated to 1.9

BOA UtilityTutorial written by the man himself Jon Johnson (NCrawler).

FBpro98 Source Code This is not the full source code but it's better than nothing. This is the source code that was released to utility makers. I'm not a programmer so i have no idea how usefull it will be to programmers, but hopefully some people will be able to get something good out of it or even make a kick ass utility that will give the game a longer life.







Maximum Football Downloads

This is only the beginning more to come