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VR Gaming and Fitness
I'm in no way an expert in this field but I will be happy to share any tips that have helped me along the way

Yes I know there is many websites that talk about weightloss and there is many things to try and I do not claim to be an expert in the art. I just wanna help spread the word and try to help others in their weightloss journey by telling what I did to lose weight



Oculus Quest 2 quick overview

oculus quest 2

Since there is plenty of reviews out there on youtube and on websites. Alot of them seem bias and some are split in the middle. There's also plenty of personal reviews on reddit and you can tell which ones are sincere and which ones are worthless. Anyway I'm gonna start off by saying that I was a fan of the first Oculus Quest it got me excited about VR again and when the Oculus link cable released it broadened my Horizon.

The size at first made it look like a beefed up viewmaster and kinda made the field of view feel small and cramped. It had a simplistic feel to it because of how light it was. After 20 minutes I got use to it and did not end up with a sore neck which is what happened with Quest 1 after 2 hours of Box VR and Beat Saber.

The strap is not as bad as people make it out to be. It's definitely more comfortable than the Quest 1 strap but I only played for an hour before I switched over to the elite strap but other people like my brother got his own quest and said that after a while it did start getting front heavy.

Oculus Link works the same didn't notice any difference as far as performance but once 90 hertz is enabled for the Ouculus things will get interesting.

Virtual Desktop has 90 hertz enabled and oh my god I can finally play Beat saber using Virtual Desktop on my laptop and my Desktop PC. I'm tempted to get wifi 6 router now but will wait a little.

The controllers did feel a little uncomfortable because they are a bit bulkier and I felt like I had to grip them tight in fear of dropping them which made one of my hands cramp up at one point. But doing the trick in the picture below with the default strap fixed the problem although it might be a tight fit for some people. Straps will come soon from 3rd party developers and hopefully not too expensive. Kiwi will probably have some that are decently priced but the Mamut grips were a little too expensive for the Oculus quest 1 so they might be also for oculus quest 2.

Oculus quest 2 controller fix

The blacks are not as bad as people make them out to be. Quest 1 had an Oled panel which showed blacks in their true color. For Quest 2 they are slightly grey and so the only time it was really noticeable was in foggy enviroments but it just made the fog look thicker.

IPD display works at the widest setting as well as the middle setting for me so I kept it in the middle setting. On the widest setting you can see the square borders if your eyes don't align perfectly with the lenses so I kept it in the middle.

The tracking is alot better especially noticeable when shooting a basketbal in Altspace. Still needs work but I can atleast shoot the basketball from a distance. It's only been day but so far having blast with it.

I don't know if I'll ever do a full review since this is more of fitness thing. These are just my first initial thoughts.



2 more days until I get my hands on the new Oculus Quest 2 and I can't wait. I uploaded a video showing X-booster which is another rythm game that will give you decent workout. For me the game play was a little wonky but playable. That is not an excuse at my poor play. I just suck at this game.

Xbooster Raw game play footage



Uploaded 2 more raw gameplay footage of Ninja Legends and also Fruit Ninja VR. Still waiting for Oculus quest 2 to be released on the 13th. 9 more days to go. This will probably be the longest full work week of my life. SInce this whole covid-19 thing started happening work has been stressfull. The future is uncertain, lots of people losing their jobs, and the presidential debate just looked like a school kid argument.

Ninja Legends

Fruit Ninja VR

That's all I got for now see you next time buh bye!!!



More VR fitness stuff

Some of you are probably tired that I've started covering fitness related to Virtual reality but given the circumstances with the Corona Virus / COVID-19 and me being afraid of someone's sweat splashing into me at the track during this hot summer weather. This is the only option available at the moment and actually seems to add a bit of fun into the routine depending on what you're playing of course. I will eventually make some Mixed reality with tips on how to increase your production for games like Beat Saber and FitXR(BoxVR for PC users as of today and the near future). I've made a few instagram videos of Box VR and Beat Saber which are listed below. There's also a game called Punch Pad Workout made by an independant developer. Links to games and videos listed below.

BoxVR (For PC users and Play Station VR users)

Old video of BoxVR on the Oculus Quest that I had originally posted on my Facebook Page so you can check out some of the actual game play.

FitXR (For Oculus Quest Users)

The FitXR video is not my video I just posted a random one I found on youtube because I don't currently have one available.

Link to FitXR

Beat Saber Video 1

Beat Saber Video 2


Beat Saber for the Oculus Quest
Beat Saber for Oculus Quest

Beat Saber for PC users

Punch Pad Workout VR

This game can be purchased over on Steam it says it is only for Valve Index and HTC Vive but I got it to work on my Oculus Quest headset with Oculus link cable connected to my PC

Also the Oculus Quest 2 was officially announced on Wednesday and I was undecided at first but then bit the bullet and pre ordered it along with the strap. Official release date is October 13th and so now the longest wait time of my entire life begins. There is a picture of it below with the strap and also one with the controllers.

Oculus Quest 2 with Strap Oculus Quest 2

2020 started out as an optimistic year then Covid-19 happened but slowly and surely things are about to get better. In the future for any Facebook haters out there I will put up a list headsets that are currently available out in the Market in the near future.

Here is a list of the games that I play directly on Oculus Quest for exercising Purposes

Swords of Gargantua
Beat Saber
Fruit Ninja VR
Pistol Whip
Ninja Legends
Creed Rise to Glory
Thrill of the Fight
Knockout League
Racket Fury Table Tennis
Racket NX
Super Hot
VZFit Play
Eleven Table Tennis
Path of the Warrior

Games for Oculus Quest thruough Sidequest (Cheap or Free Sideloaded Games)

Tea for God
You Are Two VR
VR Workout
One Punch

Games I play with my Ocuus Quest connected to my PC thru the Oculus Link Cable for exercise

Beat Saber
Blade and Sorcery



Oculus Quest 2 Videos leaked

This morning Oculus Quest 2 videos were leaked this morning but quickly taken out. I know this is not really related to weight loss but since I plan to add VR gaming into my exercise routine this is definitely something to look forward to. The leaked videos are below posted Tyriel Wood and also that I also included a video by The Mysticle which explains everything that we know so far. If the walmart leaks are correct this headset will be supercheap but not holding my breath it almost sounds like were ripping them off. So if your thinking about getting a VR headset and worried about the price this is probably gonna be the one to buy.


If I develop enough interest I might have seperate section for VR gaming. For right now I mostly use this for exercising purposes.



Virtual Reality Gaming for Weightloss

Well it's been a while since I posted anything about weightloss. Since Covid-19 aka the Corona Virus forced us to stay quarantined. I hadn't exercised much and gained 15/20 lbs. Because of that I turned to virtual reality on a more regular basis. Using games like BoxVR, Beat Saber, Creed, Knockout league, and Thrill of the fight has definietly helped. I plan to focus more on my website become more focused on 2d and 3d design as well as weight loss.

My road to VR started in 2017 when my brother purchased a playstation VR and introduced to Beat Saber and Super Hot. Instantly fell in love and In 2018 I bought a Lenovo Explorer which is Windows Mixed Reality headset and bought a few games. I played it on and off because to set it up was a pain in the buttocks. Tthe batteries would drain like crazy and in some cases I had to setup the boundary again because sometimes this would cause the controllers to not b e detected.

Fast forward to May 21st 2019 the day that the Oculus Quest came out. I purchased it on the day of release and have never looked back. Setup was a breeze and no computer is needed which was a huge plus because being tethered to a PC made doing somethings difficult. I quit playing video games years ago because I would play for hours and this started becoming a problem with gaining more weight. With Virtually reality that wasn't the case so I took it up again but this time it didn't feel as guilty if I played for hours.

Enter 2020 where now I play almost everyday but strictly playing games that require alot of movement It was made more so a must when the Corona Virus forced me to work at home and practically every place was closed down. I will probably include tips and tricks that will help you burn off some of the fat. For now the weight gain has stopped but I'll be looking for ways to help me lose weight playing Virtual reality games and will share my findings here.

Stay tuned



It's hard to believe that 2014 is almost over as we are entering the holiday season. Thanksgiving is this Thursday so I'm definitely looking forward to the time off.

Currently I'm still able to keep the weight off and decided to put some videos on Youtube.

I also made a blog go here to check it out

I plan to make more videos in the future. My new quest is to get a flat stomach, lose the man boobs, and fix my posture.



First off happy new year to all. I know I have not been posting much but I got down to 165 lbs as of the Middle of August and have kept the weight off. I only go Jogging on the weekends now and have started Biking since Labor day Weekend. Been doing more pushups also. Ive been hovering from 164-170 since then and I've been thinking of going to the gym but still not sure. I think I just gotta be more consistant with the weight training before I go to the next level.



Weightloss production has slowed down since 4/28/2013 I have only lost 6 lbs which is still something. My goal was to be 170 lbs by the end of May which is still possible but likely not. Exercise wise I wish I could've kept a detailed journal but I didn't. I'm still doing some Cardio right now and decided to take 3 days off Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays instead of 2 because I have been losing weight on my rest days. We'll see how that goes I guess for now. I do less Cardio these days tho and try running more.

Oh and Here's one more reason to Believe Lard is actually healthy for you :)



I ran across this video the other day and thought I would share. It has some interesting clips here and there and talks about trash about Vegetable oils hehe.


My first link to post talks about Lard how it's actually good for you despite what we are being told and gives a brief history of why it got a bad rap.

Click Here

On January 8 2013 we started a biggest loser contest at work which I won by a longshot. As a New Years resolution I started out by quitting soda. Going into the 3rd week of the Biggest loser contest on Wednesday January 30th I quit sugar and below is the Video that helped me make that decision thank you Sean Croxton for the video.

Quitting sugar wasn't really that hard and I couldn't explain why it was so easy to quit. I didn't find out til Recently that it's because I was eating Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which kills sugar cravings. Also consuming more animal fat from Pork and Beef helped. Qutting soda at the start of the year also helped too of course.

Also ceck out this link about Raw Unpasteurized Milk click here



Let me start off by explaining what I eat and what I don't eat
I will add more to this list as it pops into my head

Foods and things I avoid

Vegetable Oils
High Fruitose Corn Syrup(HFCS)
Genetically Modyfied Foods
Count Calories
Trans Fat
Hydroginated Fat
Artificial Sweetners

What I eat

Lard (real Lard/ Manteca)
Whole Foods
Vegetables (on occassion preferrably organic)
Fruits(preferrably organic)
Butter (real butter with no trans fat and no vegetable oils)
Coconut oil
White Bread(Sometimes /Gluten free if possible)
Refried Beans (Sometimes)
Raw Milk (Sometimes)
Raw Almonds (Sometimes)

If there is a food that is questionable I check to see if people on the Paleo Diet can eat it. I'm not 100% Paleo because I eat Bread, Raw Milk, and Rice but it's still very helpfull to check under that category.



This is a page where I will post as many weightloss tips as possible to try and help others lose weight as mentioned above I'am in no way an expert in the art of weightloss and I will never claim to be an expert. I just wanna help spread the word and try to help others in their weightloss journey by telling what I did to lose weight. I will have a my journal posted on this site which I kept using evernote on my phone, tablet, and PC. I just need to clean it out to make it less boring to read first.

I will also post pictures when I build up the courage :)

I gotta thank Karl Nguyen for helping me with my Weightloss problem and for showing me how eat and exercise properly.

Alot of the things he mentioned made complete sense like how we eat today and how we ate in our childhood and how food is made today.


This page will have more stuff in the future

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