Brief History of the ream

The Skullsmashers we're a team I actually started up in a comic book as a fictional team. I never actually used them not even the fictional UFL league that I had going a while back when FBpro was the game to play. In late 2003 I joined the MLF and started up the franchise once again and made this website. Obcourse this is fake team if you still haven't noticed and all the stories are fake as well and not intended to insult anyone.

After one season the MLF disbanded in hopes of getting a new game and have the MLF reunite. The team went into obscurity and reemerged in the NRL league just until matters got resolved. With no end in sight and no new game insight Commisioner Chris Felder brought the league back but decided to erase the league's history and start over. The Skullsmashers still play in the NRL but the team is now managed by someone else. They became the Vancouver Thunder in the NRL and the league is now known as the CFC so far this season they we're the best team. Meanwhile the Skullsmashers are reborn here in the MLF. The stability of the MLF still remains uncertain but whereever Thornbird goes his beloved Skullsmshers are sure to follow.

The league disbanded and re-emerged for a short time with most teams being new but then a player strike forced the league to disband again. But now the league is coming back soon with a tainted past which will be erased to usher in the new era of Football. Despite this The Skullsmashers decided to keep some of there precious memories in tact as the new season draws near. This history is no longer a part of the league itself because the league decided to start off fresh.

MLF Season 1 and NRL Season 1

MLF Season 3