UFL Football Helmets

UFL Helmets

This an old league that ran for 33 seasons I plan revive soon with Division Rivals. It started out as a league with Parody teams but over the course of the years I have changed some of the names but some remain scattered. I made it into a world league of sorts and has alot of history. It has been played on fbpro95, fbpro97, fbpro98, fbpro99, Madden 2002, Madden 2004, Season Ticket Football, back to fbpro98, and soon division Rivals. Please do not take offense at any of these teams I do not intend to insult anyone.

International Conference

Northern Division

bombers helmetBombay Bombers
Moscow Sickels
Iceland Penguins
Rhinos helmetAfrica Rhinos

Southern Division

Butchers HelmetBay Of Pigs Butchers
shockers helmetBrazil Shockers
Panama Predators
Gauchos helmetArgentina Gauchos


Eastern Division

Ninjas HelmetTokyo Ninjas
New Guinea HogWrestlers
Pandas HelmetChina Pandas
Buddhas HelmetThailand Buddhas


Western Division

Mexicali Monsters
flames helmetCalgary Flames
Riots HelmetLos Angeles Riots
Presidents HelmetWashington Presidents


Universal Conference

Northern Division

Vikings HelmetNorway Vikings
Ogres HelmetFinland Ogres
Demons HelmetDenmark Demons
Warriors HelmetSweden Warriors


Southern Division

Bulgaria Dragons
Gods HelmetGreece Gods
sewerrats helmetSarajevo Sewer Rats
turbans helmetTurkey Turbans

Eastern Division

hippies helmetAmsterdam Hipis
G-men helmetJamaica G-men
Pizzas helmetItaly Pizzas
Poland Bears


Western Division

Hooligans helmetEngland Hooligans
Bedwetters helmetBarcelona Bedwetters
France Guillotines
Invaders HelmetGermany Invaders

Alternate Helmets

Africa Rhinos

Rhinos Alternate Helmet

Argentina Gauchos

Gauchos Helmet

Turkey Turbans

Turbans Alternate Helmet

None of these teams are actual pro or Amateur teams these are just random helmets that I made.

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