NAFL Football Helmets

NAFL Helmets

The NAFL league folded after 3 seasons of play using Total Pro Football as it's game engine. The company that made the game went out of business. The league folded for many reasons and this was one of them because the game still had bugs.

The Maxmum Football Era

The league re-emerged when Maximum Football came out and kept its previous history intact minus the statistics. It re-emerged as a single player league with different rules and was considered to be an experimental league and as a test for the up and coming RMFL league. The game is played with 8 men on the field for each side and it's played on a canadian field'

The league is currently a 24 team league with a different alignment. For past alignments go here

Armageddon helmet
LA Armageddon
Avalanche Helmet
Alaska Avalanche

Long Beach Storm
Cardinals helmet
Louisville Cardinals
Sharks Helmet
Boston Predators
Mayhem Helmet
Chicago Mayhem
Patriots Helmet
Boston Patriots
seadogs Helmet
Seattle Seadogs
warriors helmet
Buffalo Warriors
BlueFox Helmet
Oklahoma BlueFox
DC Federal Helmet
DC Federals
Vice helmet
Miami Vice
Stampede Helmet
South Bend Stampede
Flood Helmet
Johnstown Flood
Powerhouse helmet
Pennsylvannia Powerhouse
Gladiators helmet
Gladiators Helmet
Ice Helmet
Duluth Ice
voltigeurs helmet
Montreal Voltigeurs
Copperheads helmet
Texas Copperheads

I made all the logos except for the ones listed below which we're made by other league members

Pennsylvannia Powerhouse by Ben Wagner
Louisville Cardinals by Ben Wagner
Johnstown Flood
by Mattbooty
DC Federals by Deft
Texas Copperheads by FirstTexan
Boston Predators by Shark298
Seattle Seadogs
by Bunk