World Football League Helmets

World Football League


Football Helmets
In no particular order

New York Stars Helmet
Virginia Ambassadors Helmet
Honolulu Hawaiians Helmet Chicago Fire Helmet
New York Stars
Virginia Ambassadors
Honolulu Hawaiians
Chicago Fire
Jacksonville sharks helmet philadelphia bell helmet Detroit Wheels Helmet
Memphis Southmen Helmet
Jacksonville Sharks
Philadelphia Bell
Detroit Wheels
Memphis Southmen
Southern California Sun Helmet
Portland Storm Helmet
Portland Thunder Helmet Charlotte Hornets Helmets
Southern California Sun
Portland Storm
Portland Thunder
Charlotte Hornets
birmingham Americans Helmet
Houston Texans Helmet San Antonio Wings Helmet
Chicago Winds helmet
Birmingham Americans
Houston Texans
San Antonio Wings
Chicago Winds
Birmingham Vulcans helmet
florida blazers helmet shreveport steamer helmet charlotte stars
Birmingham Vulcans
Florda Blazers
Shreveport Steamer
Charlotte Stars
Jacksonville Express helmet Toronto Northmen helmet
Jacksonville Express
Toronto Northmen



The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. I did not design or take credit for the design of the logos and team names. Since this is a defunct I see no harm in putting these back up on the website. If this is wrong then I will comply and take them down

This league only lasted 2 seasons and I know very little about it. I tried looking for clips on youtube and have found nothing so far. The only foottage I've seen was from NFL films and it wasn't much.